Jungle Crib Bedding – A Swinging Good Time

Crib bedding is an important choice for your little ones nursery. You want to pick a crib set that is not only safe, but stylish and fun as well. Every child loves animals, so picking jungle crib bedding for your little ones nursery is a great idea. It makes a great gift for a baby who is going to grow up knowing all about animals and being curious about what lurks in the jungle.

One great example of a jungle crib bedding set is the 1234 Jungle Friends set by SoHo Designs. This gorgeous 10 piece crib set is colorful and is littered with all sorts of jungle friends for your baby to enjoy. The set comes with bumper pad, crib sheet, crib quilt, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, 2 window valances, baby bib, and a sweet little throw pillow to decorate your little ones place of rest. There are also many other additions to this set that you can get to spice up the nursery even more and make it a swinging good time for your little one.
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Jungle Safari Baby Crib Bedding Set

Another great jungle crib set is the Jungle Safari crib bedding set by JoJo Designs. This beautiful 9 piece set is done in a soft blue and has brightly colored jungle friends all over it. The set includes comforter, bumper pad, fitted crib sheet, diaper stacker, dust ruffle, window valance, throw pillow, and a cute toy bag to hang on your baby’s wall to hold their favorite comfort toys. For an extra touch to the nursery, you can add wall art, a lamp, and a beautiful musical mobile with your little ones favorite jungle friends swinging above their head as they fall fast asleep.

Jungle crib bedding is a great choice for your little one. It’s fun, colorful, and exciting. In the younger stages of life, it will begin to allow your child to identify some of the more popular animals. They are also great sets to give as gifts to that special mother to be in your life, or to a friend who is expecting a new baby! No matter the reason, these crib sets will impress anyone who happens to visit your child’s nursery.

Get Motivated! How to Get the Motivation to Work Out

In bodybuilding, your ability to stay motivated is everything.

If you want to succeed in bodybuilding, you have to be CONSISTENT.

And you can’t be consistent if you don’t have enough bodybuilding motivation.

Reaching bodybuilding goals is a long term achievement.

If you don’t have the patience, motivation, determination and most of all, the PASSION behind what you do…you’ll have a long and frustrating road ahead.

We’ve all been there…

Your diet is perfect, you’re giving every ounce of effort at the gym, and you’re still not seeing results as soon as you’d like.

Staying motivated each and every day towards reaching your fitness and bodybuilding goals isn’t easy. It’s much easier to just give up.

But there ARE ways to keep yourself inspired and motivated so that bodybuilding is not something you have to push yourself towards; but you’re instead pulled towards it with passion, excitement and motivation!

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Here are some ways to motivate yourself to keep yourself on the path to bodybuilding greatness…

Just Get Started – Starting Is The Hardest Part

Once you get started, it’s easy to become addicted.

I have found this to be true in my life, my friend’s lives, and for everyone I know.

If you’re at the point where you have some bodybuilding and fitness goals in your life but can’t get motivated to start achieving them, JUST START WHERE YOU ARE.

Once you start lifting weights and seeing results, you’ll find yourself becoming addicted to the rush it gives you. It’s very common to hear stories about someone who starts bodybuilding and never looks back.

They go on to be those stories of motivation you hear about and even end up becoming personal trainers.

Starting is the hardest part, SO JUST START! Force yourself to get in the gym if you’re not already and make it part of your life.

Most people that start never stop…unless they lack goals and direction. And that brings me to my next point:

Set Goals & Create A Plan

This is HUGE motivator that is often overlooked by a lot of people. It’s usually hard to motivate yourselfto go the gym especially when you don’t even know WHY you’re there.

Think about WHY bodybuilding is a must for you. Set a goal that is SO EXCITING to you that it becomes your obsession. Be extremely specific with what you want to achieve.

Then put together a plan that will help you achieve it. There are lots of them out there.

As long as you have the dedication and persistence to follow through on your plan you WILL see results.

Once you have a clear goal of what you want ALONG WITH A DETAILED PLAN to help get you there, your motivation will go through the roof.

Your bodybuilding and fitness goals will begin to seem so much more tangible and possible.

Visualize The End Results

Napoleon Hill once said, “What you can conceive, and believe, you will achieve.”

Visualization is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

The mind and body are also far more connected than you think. There have been studies that show whenever you practice or do something only in the mind, your body responds as if you were actually doing it.

Visualize the kind of body you want to have. See and FEEL the emotions you would feel as if you already have the body you want. Make it so real that in that moment, it is if you have already reached your goal.

When you visualize the end result in your mind, you become more and more obsessed with reaching it. And once you’re obsessed, your motivation will be automatic. There will be no stopping you.

You’re also changing your self image. The self image is a subconscious representation of the person we believe we are: down to the smallest detail. When you change your self image, you change your life.

Tony Robbins said it best: the greatest drive in human behavior is our need to act in alignment with who we believe we are.

Visualization is the easiest way to turn that motivation into an OBSESSION and change the way we perceive ourselves.


Music has an amazing way of effecting our emotional state. Everyone has songs they love that get them pumped up and ready to take over the world.

Put together a high energy playlist that you know will get you in the mood to workout whenever you need the extra boost of motivation.

You’ll find that this alone will immediately change your state, get you ready for your workout and keep you going through it.

Monitor Your Progress

Getting motivated is easy for awhile. Staying motivated long term is another.

Since you look at yourself almost every day, you will likely not notice any differences in yourself. This is why you need to monitor your results every few weeks.

There are two ways to do this:1. Weight and circumference measurements: think of inches and lbs.

Your weight is important to keep track of because you’ll know right away if you’re going in the right or opposite direction.

But when tracking your progress, think more about inches instead. There are many reasons for that.

See, your weight can vary because of many things: water levels, body fat %, the time of day, etc.

So if your weight goes up but your waist size goes down, you’re still heading down the right path! Your weight will eventually drop as long as you continue to lose inches. (See the article on Weight Loss VS Fat Loss – Coming Soon!)

And there is nothing more motivating than visually seeing those inches drop!

So taking weekly measurements if you’re not already, write them down, and then compare them every few weeks.2. The second way is to take weekly progress pics.

This is a far more visual way of watching yourself slowly change over time.

Since changes in the body happen slowly and gradually it is hard to see changes in your own body: it’s like watching grass grow.

You may think you haven’t made any progress, but when you look at pictures you’ve taken weeks ago and see dramatic differences, your motivation will soar.

Along with your measurements, take a picture of yourself in many angles every week. After a few months, go back and put together a slideshow and watch yourself transform!

Get a Support System

When you have people who are supporting you and believe in you, it will make you try that much harder. For some people, having a compelling vision of the body they want is enough to keep them going. Even if it’s alone.

For others, having people there can motivate them to try harder than they ever have by themselves. It’s easy to find a support system if you don’t already have one.

You can:

Tell your close friends and family about your goals. Find a role model – Look for someone you can relate to that has already achieved what you are striving for.

Get a Bodyspace – This is an online bodybuilding community that has people from all walks of life you can connect with. Bodyspace is a very supportive group of people who share their progress, advice and words of encouragement. You can even set and monitor all your goals, upload progress pics, and a lot more…

Get a workout partner/hire a personal trainer – Nobody wants to let their workout partner or personal trainer down! This will surely motivate you to do your best every time you’re in the gym!

It is crucial that you surround yourself with people who are either pursuing their fitness goals or have already accomplished what you want. When you are around these types of people, your motivation to workout and improve will increase and your chances of reaching your goal will skyrocket.

Take a Preworkout

This one is simple. We all have times when we’re feeling tired, lazy, and low energy and JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT. But we know we have to.

That’s why God invented pre workouts Some of the benefits of pre workouts include:

Increased strength

Increased vascularity/better pumps

More energy and motivation.

And better gains in the gym

The ones I found to be most effective are N.O Xplode 2.0, Assault, and 1MR (my all-time favorite).

So when that inevitable day arrives when it’s time to lift but you don’t have the drive or energy, take your pre-workout and watch your motivation and adrenaline put you right into beast-mode!

If you need just a tad more motivation be sure not to miss these workout motivation quotes!

How else do you get the motivation to workout when it comes to bodybuilding?

What are some ways that you increase your motivation to work out in your own life? Did these tips help you? And which one do you think is the most effective?

Captain’s Beds Offer Style, Storage In One

Their design harkens to a time when riding the high seas meant mystery and adventure, but the truth about captain’s beds is that they are ideal for just about any setting. These very versatile beds fit into just about any setting, nautical or not.

The advantages of captains beds are many. Since they normally come in wood designs, a captain bed can readily fit into almost any decorating theme. Looking beautiful and unique, a captains bed is a great choice for a child’s room and even for an adult. Their basic design provides for an elevated bed that has storage drawers underneath and generally bookshelves and even cabinets in the headboard. This means they are perfect for homes that could benefit from extra storage. A captain bed can provide that while looking great, too.

Proving the point captain beds are not just for kids and boats, these beautiful designs come in all sizes. There are queen captains bed makes, full size captains bed models and even king size captains bed designs for superior storage and sleeping room. In reality, these beds can be perfect choices for just about anyone.

In http://www.illuporistorante.com/ , those who shop for captains beds do so with some size ideas in mind. For example, twin captain beds or even full captain bed models are generally chosen for children’s rooms. There are also captain day beds that work well for youngsters. Adults tend to gravitate toward the larger sizes in captain beds and even some of the more elaborate designs.

Designs for captain beds can vary somewhat, especially in the types of wood chosen. One of the most popular choices is an oak captains bed, but that doesn’t preclude any type of wood from being included in a diy captains bed. Whether it’s an oak queen captains bed design chosen or a full size captain bed in mahogany can be found. If a particular style isn’t found, however, a do-it-yourselfer will find this is a project that can be done by anyone who is handy with tools. Plans for these can readily be found and there’s nothing stopping someone from custom designing their own, too.

Whether it’s a full size captain bed or a deluxe king model, these beds offer a distinct design that combines beauty and practicality. Simple and elegant, captain’s bed models can even be made by handy do-it-yourselfers at home, creating an heirloom to last a lifetime. By offering beauty and practicality together, a captain bed is the ideal choice for many.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

Weight loss should be easy once youre committed to it. However, many people find it hard to stick to a proper diet. Weight loss meal plans are the key to losing weight the healthy and effective way. Without it, there is little or no hope that anyone will lose the significant pounds to stay fit. There are three steps in the weight loss meal plans.

First, you must select your own diet that is healthy and ideal for you. You must put your weight loss meal plans in order. Have reminders and recipes posted on your fridge and beside mirrors–places where you often see them. This will remind you to stick to your plan or go bust.

Second, have diet consultation companies like Trim360 supply your healthy organic food. You can get your food delivered on your doorstep. Clear out your pantry of unwanted things like junk food because these will only tempt you once you crave for them. Having your food delivered to you is an easier way to avoid ruining your diet.

Third, with your stash of unhealthy food safely chucked away, you will find it easier to stick to your weight loss meal plans and enjoy it. The foods delivered to you by Trim360 are delicious and nutritious, which is what makes it one of the best weight loss meal plans easily available in the market today.

The weight loss meal plans are ideal for men and women regardless of age and weight. People with high levels of sugar and cholesterol in their bloodstream will also find the weight loss meal plans as their life-saving answer to their health problems. Changing your diet can greatly affect how you feel inside and out. You will not only lose weight, you will also cleanse your body from the inside and as you feel younger and healthier with the weight loss meal plans.

http://www.newphen24.com/ : The Results

There are many people who have tried to take the weight loss meal plans seriously, and for their own good. Fitness experts and doctors were amazed to see that the patients who have undergone the diet program were losing as much as 5 pounds per week. On the average however, the patients lost 2 pounds per week, which is still a significant figure once you get to putting off that much weight in just a month. If you want to live a healthier life, check out the weight loss meal plans offered at www.trim360.com. Give your body the right nutrition and you will live a longer, happier life.

10 Easy Tips to Develop Your Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness will help you to achieve any kind of goal. Here are some tips to stay mentally fit.

1)      Do Physical exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. This will supply pure oxygen to your brain and in turn helps in improving your memory, reasoning, reaction time, etc.

2)      Keep an eye on the world happenings. Your active interest in the world around you will be like an exercise to the brain and this keeps your brain in line with improved mental fitness.

3)      Consume lot of Vitamin B. Consume foods like green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, dairy products, etc. to get the essential Vitamin B for proper brain fitness.

4)      You can keep your brain active by tuning it periodically by playing chess, doing the cryptic crosswords, learning new languages, etc. This is good for your brain health as well as for your social life.

5)      Spend some time in relaxing. You can play with your pet, listen to music, etc. The hormones like cortisol, if secreted in excess with respect to stress will be harmful to the brain.

6)      Start up with a new hobby. This will keep the grey matter active and will also help in forming of new neural pathways in your brain.

7)      Diagnose and prevent the future problems. If http://www.sportzfuel.com/ and treated, problems like diabetics and heart diseases will affect mental performance and hence you need to do regular checkups to prevent those in future.

8)      Talk about variety of things. Have a friendly conversation with your friends or with your family members about various topics. This will give the brain an opportunity to explore, enquire and examine new things.

9)      Take some physical activities that require proper coordination with the brain. Activities like skipping rope exercise, woodworks, sewing, etc. may help you in improving your spatial awareness and also helps in improving the reaction time.

10)  Involve in watching general knowledge game shows and enjoy yourself the competitive spirit. Playing the question and answer TV games with your family will keep your brain fit as well as you can test your general knowledge.

Very Best Selfie Apps Set For Android 2017

In reality, photo sharing applications like Instagram can also be influenced by the trend and is flooded with hell bunch selfies. For best android selfie apps , now it’s becoming a fashion to take pictures with the leading camera and then place them on social media websites. This tendency has also replaced the old tendency of taking autographs of your favorite personality because now everyone else prefers to take selfies using them instead of carrying their autograph. In addition to that, thanks to better and improved camera and various selfie applications that are specifically made to shoot selfies, individuals are now in a position to click decent excellent images with ease.

Therefore, it’s also a fact that things will not workout just by having good selfie camera along with selfie poses, however, you want to own most useful selfie applications also installed on your smartphone. This new trend is utilized by different application developers to earn some wonderful selfie apps to enjoy this experience in a superior way. So, you will find a variety of applications which click not just good selfies but likewise have great editing features also.

Some Of The Very Best Selfie applications For Android 2017

1. Bright Camera

This really is one of the hottest and commonly used apps for the selfie as it helps in taking great selfies and further causes it to be even better with many different editing capabilities. This app also offers numerous effects and frames which you are able to give in your selfies.

It is also free to download and provides easy ways to immediately share your selfies over various social networks. Its amazing benefits easily change the general appearance of your picture and ensure it is totally distinct.

2. YouCam Perfect

As its name implies, that is just another perfect and great app usedto shoot selfies. There are advanced features of this app but out from the two most useful are snap shots and video selfies. Further, in addition, it comes with the amazing selfie editing programs.

So that you could also utilize the program’s beautifying features like face reshaper, styling, thing remover and most fascinating one is you could also edit your pores and skin, wrinkles and stains from the photo to make it more beautiful. Therefore, this all may be easily done just by clicking some steps within the application.

3. Silent Selfie Camera

This app has just one interesting feature, and that’s it does not make any sound or noise when taking a selfie which often other Android apps do. That means that you may silently take selfies from this app. Further, with this superb app you could also correct the ramifications on front camera and with this you can also click pictures with volume keys.

Additionally, it includes more exciting and great features so its worth to download the app for making selfies depending on your needs.

4. Retrica

That is the hottest used and widely used application for selfies as it provides everything that as a user desire to produce his selfie the perfect one among all others. Basically, it’s a program for vintage style photos and by utilizing this app you might also click pictures at small intervals of time so that it is possible to get time to produce different poses while you’re with your buddies.

5. Insta Selfie Cam Pic Collag

This is another appropriate application for all types of all Android smartphones that very easily allow you to make various types of collages and edit your own photos while adding assorted photogenic effects in your selfies.

What is a mechanical oil pressure gauge?

A mechanical oil pressure gauge is a device used to measure the flow of engine oil through your car’s engine. Mechanical gauges are different to electrical gauges because they show the flow on an analogue scale determined by taking a tap of the oil flowing around the engine up to the dashboard so you see a real representation of the pressure. This is different to an electrical oil pressure gauge, which measures the flow by the resistance across the oil flowing past.

Oil pressure is essential to the safe and efficient working of your engine. Without sufficient pressure the engine oil is not able to provide lubrication to the Pistons and the bearings and other moving parts in the engine. These parts are trying to press against the cylinder walls or the camshaft and if the oil were not pressurized it would be squeezed out of the way. The pressure provides resistance allowing the oil to act as a cushion between parts so they do not touch.

It is often thought the mechanical gauges are more accurate. They can be purchased in a variety of styles but a black face with red needle is usually the most common. The good news is a replacement gauge is not very expensive, you will be able to purchase one for less than $20. However if you want to fit one to your car and it doesn’t presently have what it can be a tricky job. If you are going to fit a new one it is a good idea to change the engine oil at the same time. Changing your own engine oil is a good way to save money on this expense, far better to save money by doing the work yourself and get a cheap oil change by choosing an inferior oil product.

Top 4 Most Expensive Beds In The World For Sale

We all love our sleep, well many of us at least. It’s our chill time and the peruse of the most comfortable bed has been a dream for many of us. Going hand in hand with comfort is style and luxury. Many of us have seen many expensive beds that profess to be the most luxurious and comfortable and in this article we look at the top 4 most expensive beds in the world in all of their glory. Some offer comfort and some an artistic and luxurious approach for the night-time.

4. The Parnian Furniture Bed

This luxurious bed, among the most expensive beds is more of a piece of art then a creature of comfort. This expensive bed will set you back $210,000. This bed is an intricate piece of art with attention to detail playing a large role in its exquisiteness. The headboard is the main focal feature and is made out of carved wood. To add to this expensive bed, there is also an ipad dock and TV incorporated into the design.

3. Jado steel bed

This steel gold bed is placed at number 3 on the most expensive beds in the world list and is on sale for $676, 550. This minimalistic and stylish bed is constructed out of steel and what makes it so flashy and expensive is that the steel is covered in 24 carat gold. That’s not the only flashy accompaniment on the bed, Swarovski crystals glitter the side tables and many technical features are included.

2. Floating magnetic bed

Who would have thought that you could actually buy this expensive bed that has featured in many movies? It comes second on our most expensive beds for sale in the world list and for good reason. Imagine sleeping being suspended in the air on this magnetic bed. The price of this modern bed is varied from $153,000 to a whopping $1.6 million!

1. The Baldacchino Supreme

This is the most expensive bed on the most expensive beds in the world list. It does not float midair but is absolutely decadent and luxurious with comfort and a classic style playing major parts of its impressive offering. The Baldacchino will set you back a cool $6.4 million, yes, you read write. The bed was designed by Stuart Hughes and includes real 24 carat gold. There were only two of these expensive beds created.

There is great hope for drug addicts

Today, the rehab centers for drug addiction present a state-of-art ambience. In fact, most of the times you would not feel like being tied up for some recuperation. It will give a feeling of being home-away-from-home for some care from licensed caregivers. Addiction is no mean issue. Being addicted to gambling, exorbitant expenses, alcohol, prescription drugs or any other form of delinquency can take the energy of life away from you. On top of that, there is the psychological issue which makes you even more recluse with time.

The swollen red eyes of addicts who are looking to kill for the sake of getting their addictive substances are a sight no one wants to watch. Yet, thousands of us are groping in the mire lanes of drugs and not finding any recess out of the trauma. The first barometric test to come out of it is acknowledgement. Humans have bloated egos and they do not want to confess their issues more generally. It is here that a rehab center proves helpful it aims to bring the addict on the table first and make him acknowledge his problem.

This is half the battle won for those addicted to drugs. Next in line are various lines of medical and psychological treatments. Cognitive behavior therapy is a trump card. Going through the process of de-sensitization by simulating the environment of addiction helplessness is another major technique used by the various therapists.

The therapists go ahead with these lines of treatments along with clinical rapport building where a patient is being asked to sit for group discussions. Medical team offers various medicines but shies away from overuse. A new school of medicine believes that straight zeroing of addiction can boomerang very badly and hence the rehab units look to scale it down gradually. Spiritual River like meditation can also boost the therapy a great deal.

Southwest Airlines

Going on a comfortable and luxury flight can be a major aspect of an enjoyable journey. Whether you are going on a business or a personal trip, a good airline can do wonders. Southwest Airlines isn’t just a wonderful airline with a comfy in flight experience, but they also offer a number of vacation deals and packages that you should check out.

Why Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines are known as being a very dedicated airline offering amazing customer service. They have a great employee base with friendly attitudes and spirited personalities who will make you feel at home. From the in airport personnel to ticket counter kiosks and comfy seating areas, Southwest Airlines treats you exceptionally well. The airline provides you with all the little things that can make your trip a wonderful experience. They also have a helpful website which can give you details about Southwest Airlines flights, Southwest Airlines schedules and Southwest Airlines destinations. You can also book your flight online and choose from a variety of travel packages. You can also get some fabulous early bird check in offers.

Southwest Airlines Vacation Destinations

Southwest Airlines offers their clients unique travel explorations in featured destinations like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Anaheim and the Walt Disney World Resort. They also offer hundreds of other destinations in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas and Atlantic City.

Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages

Southwest Airlines promises to offer you a guaranteed low price vacation package to any of the destinations that you choose. They also offer a special savings deal on car rentals if you choose one of their vacation deals. You also get some special offers like last minute deals, Las Vegas deals and Disney Park deals. You can also choose from a variety of themes and activities on specific destinations. Southwest Airlines Vacation Themes

Southwest Airlines Vacation Specials

They also have some special vacation offers that you can take advantage of. For instance you can save a hundred dollars on nationwide packages and save a hundred dollars on Treasure Island Las Vegas vacations. You can also get a variety of discounts at Disney Land resort hotels including a hundred dollars savings per night on hotel stay. They also have a Southwest Airlines Vacations Flash Deals offer through which you can receive exclusive deals in your mail box every day. Simply signing up for this offer can land you a number of vacation package offers but they will all be limited to a forty eight hour period.

Southwest Airlines Travel Guide Program

You also have access to an exclusive travel guide program in which you can login to share reviews, opinions and advice with other users. This way not only can you get feedback on a number of vacation packages, hotel, resorts and find out more about specific locations, but you can also get reliable feedback from others that you can trust. This will enhance your vacation experience and it will give you a chance to do the same for someone else.