Captain’s Beds Offer Style, Storage In One

Their design harkens to a time when riding the high seas meant mystery and adventure, but the truth about captain’s beds is that they are ideal for just about any setting. These very versatile beds fit into just about any setting, nautical or not.

The advantages of captains beds are many. Since they normally come in wood designs, a captain bed can readily fit into almost any decorating theme. Looking beautiful and unique, a captains bed is a great choice for a child’s room and even for an adult. Their basic design provides for an elevated bed that has storage drawers underneath and generally bookshelves and even cabinets in the headboard. This means they are perfect for homes that could benefit from extra storage. A captain bed can provide that while looking great, too.

Proving the point captain beds are not just for kids and boats, these beautiful designs come in all sizes. There are queen captains bed makes, full size captains bed models and even king size captains bed designs for superior storage and sleeping room. In reality, these beds can be perfect choices for just about anyone.

In , those who shop for captains beds do so with some size ideas in mind. For example, twin captain beds or even full captain bed models are generally chosen for children’s rooms. There are also captain day beds that work well for youngsters. Adults tend to gravitate toward the larger sizes in captain beds and even some of the more elaborate designs.

Designs for captain beds can vary somewhat, especially in the types of wood chosen. One of the most popular choices is an oak captains bed, but that doesn’t preclude any type of wood from being included in a diy captains bed. Whether it’s an oak queen captains bed design chosen or a full size captain bed in mahogany can be found. If a particular style isn’t found, however, a do-it-yourselfer will find this is a project that can be done by anyone who is handy with tools. Plans for these can readily be found and there’s nothing stopping someone from custom designing their own, too.

Whether it’s a full size captain bed or a deluxe king model, these beds offer a distinct design that combines beauty and practicality. Simple and elegant, captain’s bed models can even be made by handy do-it-yourselfers at home, creating an heirloom to last a lifetime. By offering beauty and practicality together, a captain bed is the ideal choice for many.