Top 4 Most Expensive Beds In The World For Sale

We all love our sleep, well many of us at least. It’s our chill time and the peruse of the most comfortable bed has been a dream for many of us. Going hand in hand with comfort is style and luxury. Many of us have seen many expensive beds that profess to be the most luxurious and comfortable and in this article we look at the top 4 most expensive beds in the world in all of their glory. Some offer comfort and some an artistic and luxurious approach for the night-time.

4. The Parnian Furniture Bed

This luxurious bed, among the most expensive beds is more of a piece of art then a creature of comfort. This expensive bed will set you back $210,000. This bed is an intricate piece of art with attention to detail playing a large role in its exquisiteness. The headboard is the main focal feature and is made out of carved wood. To add to this expensive bed, there is also an ipad dock and TV incorporated into the design.

3. Jado steel bed

This steel gold bed is placed at number 3 on the most expensive beds in the world list and is on sale for $676, 550. This minimalistic and stylish bed is constructed out of steel and what makes it so flashy and expensive is that the steel is covered in 24 carat gold. That’s not the only flashy accompaniment on the bed, Swarovski crystals glitter the side tables and many technical features are included.

2. Floating magnetic bed

Who would have thought that you could actually buy this expensive bed that has featured in many movies? It comes second on our most expensive beds for sale in the world list and for good reason. Imagine sleeping being suspended in the air on this magnetic bed. The price of this modern bed is varied from $153,000 to a whopping $1.6 million!

1. The Baldacchino Supreme

This is the most expensive bed on the most expensive beds in the world list. It does not float midair but is absolutely decadent and luxurious with comfort and a classic style playing major parts of its impressive offering. The Baldacchino will set you back a cool $6.4 million, yes, you read write. The bed was designed by Stuart Hughes and includes real 24 carat gold. There were only two of these expensive beds created.